Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Random $#!7

I just saw a woman with a possibly 44FF chest jogging past. Yup, it's right... JOGGING!  Incredible, isn't it? Who jogs when it's so hot (note: it was 90+ last week)?


Random tweet:  When you're 20 and fit, leotards are marginally acceptable. When you're 45 and 30 pounds overweight, you owe me my eyes. [see above]


I felt like such a Zombie when I peeled a piece of loose skin off my lip this morning. I called it super exfoliation.


Wouldn't it be outrageously "dated" if I wrote a novel where everyone lives in town MySpace, while they Twitter around the Blogger near FourSquare?


If I could have a dime every time someone says "Neat, I want to write a book, too" when I tell them I'm a writer, I'd be able to buy an iPod Nano. Maybe.


I was talking to someone, who is also a Libra this week (no, not you, Sara - paranoid much? :-P )  and I just realized something... oh my, we Libras can be quite full of ourselves. As I listened to this person talk, I couldn't help but think, "When is this conversation going to end? Or at least change to be about someone else? When did it become a self-interview?"

I got to think... do I come across as so self-absorbed, so full of myself?  I know I do have a tendency of being self-absorbed, but I don't think -- or at least I hope -- I'm not full of shit. Or at least not holier than thou. In a way, I admire people who are so genuine and more concerned about other people than themselves. They are so refreshing. People who are full of themselves could be very interesting, sure. I've known plenty of fascinating people who only talk about themselves. But after a while, I'd tune them out and lose interest. I mean, do I have to listen to you talk about how you feel more superior than other people? Or how your view carries such weight? Or do I care if you have such and such accomplishments?

I certainly do that -- it's part of being an artist/writer/creative type. We must keep selling ourselves. Personally, I HATE self-promotion and I'd pay handsomely for someone else (such as a publicist) to do that for me if I ever become rich and famous. I HATE talking about myself (at least in person -- on the Internet, I tend to do that more often since, well, the conversation seems to often be one-sided anyway). But when I do talk about myself, I do have a tendency to try to impress. Hey, I did this, and hey, I did that.  Ugh.   Sometimes I catch myself doing that, and I'd like to crawl under a rock, and can see the virtual eye-rolling of my audience.

So where is that line? How do you talk about yourself and your life without sounding like a pompous ass? Or how do you talk about something other than yourself without sounding like you're evasive?

Communication is so hard. I just want to be myself, but is "myself" good enough? Do people think I'm full of shit?


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